Staff Augmentation

Remember the days companies used to have huge internal IT departments? The trend is cost reduction and companies are looking for ways to reduce the number of permanent IT staff. Lean and mean is now in vogue for IT infrastructure. Companies hire consultants and form teams to implement projects. Once the need is served a new team is formed with new set of skills for the next project. This model suits the ever changing technology terrain of IT well.

Ordusion is at home with this concept and model. We have a supply of over 30 thousand live resumes in our consultants’ database.

All our consultants and highly experienced professionals exposed to corporate culture and conduct. Most of them are cross trained in multi disciplines and are equipped with latest knowledge in respective the areas of technology.

We have a relatively large pool of handpicked specialists of technology in niche areas who have proven their ability in the past deployments and projects. These consultants work on projects that are implemented by Ordusion. If one of our clients has a special and urgent need, we tap into this resource pool as per the availability. If you have a need to build a proof of concept or any other specialized skill please contact our HR department.

Business Transformation

The process of improving some measure of enterprise's success Business growth can be a achieved.
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Turnaround & Restructuring

Human resources planning should be serve as link betwen human resources management and the overall.
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Bonds and Commodities

Many people believe that succession planning is the same as Exit Planning, but it is not to help you.
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Valuation & Finance Advisory

Conflict management is the process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive.
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Audit and Assurance

Market research vendors offering you consulting services to advise on our research methods all products.
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Trades and Stocks

A merger means a combination of two companies to form of a new company while an acquisition is purchase.
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