Product Development

Ordusion helps its client out with two basic model of product development. In one model clients can tap from a vast reserve of highly skilled technical and management consultants, onsite or offsite, and manage the development activity within their infrastructure. This is the Time and Material model Ordusion offers.

In the second model Ordusion works hand in hand with the client and for a stake in the product. We have successfully implemented this model with our clients. For startups this is a well suited solution, where they can manage the whole engineering activity, which is very intense in the beginning, under a low budget. Our expertise helps make the product cycle flourish strongly.

Ordusion has a strong knowledge and experience base in using Open Source to build products for its customers. We have our own customized Open Source software components which we use to build products quickly. Ordusion owns the IP on this software library but licenses the use of them for its clients. This leads to a very quick turnaround of products from concept to complete working model.

Some products Ordusion has helped build:

Vendor Management System

A web based Vendor Management Portal implemented using Microsoft technology only. Ordusion provided the use of its software components for quick search, scheduling, work flow and trouble ticketing. 9629294456

Knowledge sharing portal

This is developed for Ordusion by Ordusion team. Fully implemented using latest Open Source Technologies. A lot of research went into making this happen as well as overcoming a lot of challenges. But we are happy to report good progress.

Visual expression portal

This again is implemented using Ordusion’s IP. The implementation is in total Open Source Technology. The development activity is in progress.

Consultant’s self-service portal

This is a web portal using Microsoft technologies.

Engineering Change Management

This product was implemented by resources from Ordusion. The model was Time and Material.

Business Transformation

The process of improving some measure of enterprise's success Business growth can be a achieved.
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Turnaround & Restructuring

Human resources planning should be serve as link betwen human resources management and the overall.
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Bonds and Commodities

Many people believe that succession planning is the same as Exit Planning, but it is not to help you.
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Valuation & Finance Advisory

Conflict management is the process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive.
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Audit and Assurance

Market research vendors offering you consulting services to advise on our research methods all products.
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Trades and Stocks

A merger means a combination of two companies to form of a new company while an acquisition is purchase.
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